How to Build a Powerful Brand on a Weak Budget

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Ten years ago to build a powerful brand image you needed to hire a powerful brand agency and pay powerful dollars.  Today thats just not the case.  With a little focus and organization you can accomplish what some companies pay $40,000 for for $4,000.  That may be a touch extreme, but not entirely.  Go to some web agencies and ask for a custom designed content management system website and you can pay anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 dollars depending on the firm.  Or you can take advantage of Crowdsourcing or free lancers to accomplish the same thing for as low as $1,000.  I’m not saying not to hire an agency.  I’m just saying evaluate where you’re skills are, what you can personally manage and what you need others to manage for you.  Make a decision and get to work.  Below are some great resources for getting creative and technology work done.  Check em out. 

1)  oDesk is an website that allows you to search for technology resources, business process outsourcing resources and even design resources from around the world.  You can get just about anything done on oDesk with great results.  Just heed this tip!  The quality of the product you get in return will be in direct proportion to the quality of the direction you give to the contractor.  We recommend working on a fixed cost basis with contractors at first and to set your budget lower than you think you can get a project done for.  Great site for data entry professionals and developers.

2)  Crowdspring is a crowdsourcing website.  Basically crowdsourcing is where you submit a project as a contest to a group of creative professionals, you recieve 50-100 entries based upon your creative direction, select the contractor you’d like to work with, then award the project and work through iterations.  Great for Logo Design- I’ve gotten some awesome logo designs for under $300.00.

3) This site is similar to oDesk with a little better turnout for design specific resources and also creative professionals from English speaking countries.  I would recommend trying oDesk and elance and picking the platform you feel most comfortable with.  It really is a preference, both are great.

If you need some help thinking of ways to reduce your marketing budget and increase your deliverables?  Drop us a line.  We help companies and individuals think outside the box and find innovative ways to build great brands and digital assets.


What to Look for in a Social Media Consultant

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So you’ve decided that your social media is just too much for you to handle on your own and that you want some guidance from a social media consultant. Well there are some qualifications you should look for and some basics you should expect of them.

Your social media consultant will have most of the below skills:

  • strategizing and planning
  • running promotions and compaigns
  • event and launch marketing
  • SEO
  • video marketing
  • creating content
  • insight on future trends
  • integration with offline marketing
  • training you on social media
  • social networks etiquette and rules
  • consumer engagement and building communities
  • ROI and measurement

To break down the overall process, when you’re working with a social media consultant they will typically first do some sort of “discovery”. This is a break down of where you currently stand during this discovery they should ask you about your goals. Second, they will take some time to research your specific market and based upon what they find during the discovery they will then make recommendations (what social media tools are best for you, how to use them properly etc…). During this they should also set some measurable goals that are set to be met within a certain amount of time. Different social media services will also manage your social media accounts for you as well manage your blog (write content for you) and also help you with reputation management (monitoring and managing what people are saying about your brand online).

The Value of a Great Personal Website

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Let’s face it, its a digital world!  Before I get into this article, to get you in the right frame of mind answer the following three questions to yourself…

1) Do you think you will look to the web more often or less often to research, buy and socialize in five years?

2) Do you think a referral from a trusted source will happen more often than now in five years?

3) Do you think employers or potential business partners will do more online research on you in the future or less?

We already know the answer to these questions, they are obvious.  So lets just make a broad statement that will be mostly true; in five years your first impression in many cases will be because of your web presence.  yes, there is a lot you can do to fix your existing presence with pictures and text on your social profiles, but if you really want to be proactive, why not take some pride in your own personal website.  This site is targeted mostly towards actors/actresses, models, musicians and atheletes, but this really applies to everyone.  Some of the biggest celebrities have an average on line presence at best.  Here are a few basics questions to ask youself when building your own site.

1) What are my 5 year personal and career goals?  You may not think this relates to the design of your website, but it does.  Everything digital can be backed into a number.  If you have a financial goal, or other, chances are you can put a number on how to get there.  There are two types of numbers you need to focus on, one is exposure, the other is conversion.  Conversion is all about user interface and design.  A professional web designer can help with both.

2) What actions do I want people to take on my site?  Do you want them to call you, email you, like your facebook fan page and why?  All of these are critically important.

3) Who am I trying to connect with?  You can’t please everybody, but you can connect with somebody.  Find your niche, focus on them and everything else will fall into place.

If you want a personal brand consultation, feel free to contact LyfeStyle Collective @ or call us at (877) 551-5256.

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Do you need someone to manage your social media?

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Its hard enough finding time in the day to perfect your craft, accomplish day to day tasks, find paying gigs etc… let alone come up with and implement your social media strategy. Well you may want to consider hiring a social media management company to do it for you. Some are even reasonably priced! Here at LC this is actually part of what we do. But don’t take our word for it, I recently read other articles that prove my point.

“By hiring an outside company to handle your Social Media Management, you are bringing in a team of professionals who specialize in the field.  With that they also bring along their methods and strategies and can go to work almost instantly on bringing your businesses Social Media presence up to par.”

Just because you already have social media platforms in place, that doesn’t mean you are using them correctly. If you have a Facebook fan page or Twitter account that gets updated once “every now and then” (when you find the time) … you’re in trouble. by Krysty Petrucci with permission from Ryan Adcroft of




How to Stay Focused on Your Social Media Goals

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Do you know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your social media strategy or do you just post random thoughts or things that happen to you? If you’re using social media as a way to promote yourself, your band, your business etc… then you should be using your social media tools in a way that helps further your overall goals. That takes time and at least a minimum amount of planning. There are some really simple ways of developing your social media strategy yourself or you may want to focus on your goals and hire a social media expert to do it for you. Either way there are some basic questions you should ask yourself first to decide how you want accomplish these goals. This is a great, concise article by a social media expert that has examples of these questions on how to get started. Whats Your Social Media Strategy by Chris Brogan

In short, Chris poses 6 simple questions to as yourself:

1. What’s Your Basic Goal?

2. What is your Product?

3. Who is your Audience?

4. Where are your Partners?

5. What Comes Next?

6. Is this about Money?

So slow down to speed up….Take the time to properly plan your social media strategy so that your time spent with SM is focused and productive!

Social Media Basics…How to get and keep Followers

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When using social media for business purposes it’s essential to understand some important social media basics.

“While some companies have brilliantly integrated Twitter into their overall branding strategy, others should put their Tweeter back in the holster until they master the business basics or acquire some social media manners.” – Jeanette Mulvey BusinessNewsDaily

2 Social Media Basics to Memorize:

1. Your status bar/tweets isn’t a broadcast signal, it’s a way to interact with your customers current and future.
(you are marketing to humans!)

2. Be honest and clear.

If you want to gain friends, likes, and followers remember that doing so takes being a valuable part of those people’s lives. And once you gain that place of value it takes effort to keep it because they can unlike you just as fast! Using social media for your business goals can be very effective but only if you remember and apply these social media basics.

Making Goals Measurable Leads to Measurable Results

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Quick, answer the following question…

– What is your 5 year plan for your career, life, etc?

I know, its a pretty generic question in general, the trick is for you to continually take out the generic.  What’s the opposite of generic?  Well, in this case its specific, but to elaborate, it’s really “measurable”.  If you have a goal that you can put a numerical value and a date to, your life just got easier.  Well, how do I do that? You might ask…

Example Goal:

If for example, your a promotional model and you’re looking to make $100,000 next year.  You currently make $30,000.  Follow me here, if you were able to make an average of $1,500.00 per event you did as a result of your digital brand, it would take you 46 events outside of what you are already doing to hit that number (70,000 is the difference to get to 100,000, divided by $1,500 per event, equals 46 new events).  If you got booked for an event 1 out of 4 times somebody contacted you online, that means that you would need to be contacted 184 times online next year to achieve that goal on top of what you already get contacted.

To simplify, all you need to do is record how many times you got contacted for bookings last year.  Now our goal is to start from 0 and get to 184 contacts.  Sounds like a lot?  Well, at least you know the truth, most people never back their goals into a number and as a result never put forth the effort required to hit their goals.  The worst part is, they typically think they are on pace to hit their goals everyday.

If you’d like to learn more about how to turn goals into numbers, contact us @

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